AssistU VA Referral Request Form

Here at AssistU we have high standards, our VAs have high standards, and we assume that you have high standards as well. Having said that, we want to let you know that we take this process very seriously, and our Registry Manager reviews each request thoroughly before posting it to our system to be matched to VAs. If there are pieces in the request that are missing, incomplete, or appear to not be a fit for our VAs, she will be in contact with you to revise your request.

If you're not willing to do the work necessary and go through this process to find a great VA who will make you sing and your business soar, then what we offer is not a good fit, and you'll be frustrated with us and this process.

In order for the VAs who will receive this information to assess whether or not they are likely to be a fit for your needs, we need all fields completed - and completed as thoroughly and specifically as you can. If you don't complete all the fields, we won't be able to process your request. The exceptions to that would be the "other" information boxes -- if you have nothing to put in them, by all means leave them blank!

Fields marked with a highlight are fields which are used by our database to create an initial match to Virtual Assistants. The more restrictive your answers in those fields, the fewer responses you'll receive. For the greatest response rate, please be as flexible as you possibly can.

Please note: This is the form to be used by people who want to find a great Virtual Assistant to work with. If you want to become a VA, and you're interested in our programs to help you do that, you need to be here.

And remember--if at any point in this process you decide you'd like to get Anastacia Brice's help, you can always do that by moving into our Registry Gold process.

What is your name?
(Because VAs form relationships with people, we require your name.
Without it, we won't be able to process your request.)

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By checking this box, you affirm that you are the client, and not a third-party making this request on behalf of someone else. (read why this matters)

I certify that I am not a resident of the European Economic Area, nor do I operate my business in the European Economic Area. (read why we are asking)

Your e-mail address?

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While I realize the best VA for me might be anywhere:
(Why is location unimportant?)

I want responses from any VAs who think they might fit my needs, regardless of their locations.
I only want to hear from VAs in my time zone.
I only want to hear from VAs separated from me by, at most, one time zone.

To help our VAs learn more about you, please share any URLs they can use to do that (for example, your business site, and social media URLs):

How did you hear about AssistU-trained Virtual Assistants?
We'd love to be able to thank the person or company who sent you our way; if you have an email address that would help us, great...otherwise, a URL would be welcomed!

What kind of work do you do?

What's going on in your business that lets you know you need some help?

Do you know, specifically, all or some of what you need to delegate in order to have more time to do what you love and do best? If so, please create a list of what you want to delegate. If you'd like some help creating that list before you fill out this referral request, click here.

What is the minimum number of hours of work per month that you expect you will require from a VA?

5 hours per month
10 hours per month
15 hours per month
20 hours per month
30 hours per month

In your thinking, does this amount of time cover all the things you've told us you want to delegate?


If no, please explain below.

I understand that VAs at AssistU bill between $40 and $100+ per hour, with the average fee being around $50.


Have you ever worked with a Virtual Assistant before?

Yes No

If yes, what did you like about the experience, what didn't work well for you, what you'd like to see again, what you'd like to avoid, did you work with/are you working with an AssistU trained VA, and why are you considering working with a VA again now?

If no, why do you want to work with a VA?

I want to work only with:

 Any AssistU Graduate (Skills explanation)
 A Certified Professional Virtual Assistant (CPVA)
 A Certified Master Virtual Assistant (CMVA)
 I only want to hear from VAs who have one of your higher certifications (CPVAs and CMVAs)

Where do you want to take your business? What are your goals for your business and your life?

My computer is a

Windows-based PC
I use both a Windows-based PC and a Mac

I require my VA to have

A Windows-based PC
A Mac
Both Windows and a Mac (learn more about this choice)
A computer, but which one doesn't really matter

Tell us about the software you use on a daily basis that is crucial to running your business

Tell us about the web-based tools you use in your business.

Tell us about you and Social Media

I'm a power user
I dabble
I don't currently use it

Tell us which social media tools you use in your business

I access the Internet via

An Internet service provider
America Online
Either AOL or an Internet service provider

My Internet knowledge is

Almost non-existent
Good enough to get things done
Terrific! I am a power user

I'd characterize my work style as

Lone Ranger
I feel I have another work style:

I'd characterize the way I make decisions and move through life as:

Logical and linear (to get from A to Z, I have to go through B, then, C, then, D, etc)
Feeling and circular (to get from A to Z, I go to B, then jump to J if there's something about J that makes sense to me at that moment, then back to C, then maybe over to P, etc)
Both — sometimes I do it one way, sometimes the other.

Other characterizations?

I require a VA with the following availability:
(What to consider about availability)

Available during regular business hours
Because my work can be done almost anytime, the VA doesn't have to be available during regular business hours

What's a deal breaker for you? (if you have no deal breakers, please feel free to leave this field blank!)

Anything we didn't list for which you have a need?

What are the most important things a VA should understand about working with you?

Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself or your work to help us make a great referral?

Please review your information for accuracy, print for your records, and then submit electronically by clicking below.

It's entirely possible, although unlikely, that while going through this automated system, you may encounter an error. Should you receive an error message at any point in the process, please copy the error message and send it, by pasting it into an email, to our Registry Manager: If you had just been working on a form to submit, please go back (using your browser's Back button) and print your form. As soon as the Registry Manager gets your email, she'll be in touch with you about what to do with the printout so that we can help you complete your process.